Why choose Sulina?

Danube Delta & Sulina Landmarks

Why choose Sulina as a holiday destination ? Who hasn’t been in Sulina, must get here. Because this is the only place where the Danube water meets the Black Sea, the sand is as soft as dust and where the most beautiful sunsets are. Sulina is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in Romania. It is at the same time one of the less preferred destination for Romanian tourists but preferred by tourists from other country’s which enjoy the nature, the wilderness, the lack of car noises, the simple life and a perfect place for relaxing holidays. Sulina offers huge beaches, crystal clear water, hidden water channels, quality food for low prices and quiet.

The geographical coordinates of Sulina are 450 9’ 37’’ north latitude and 29040’ 37’’ east longitude. The climate is continental temperate. Most present are the N and NE winds. In January and February there is the risk of small icebergs on the Danube, but u can still travel on the water thanks to ice breaker ships. The max depth of water in the Danube Delta is 23 feet or 9.08 meters. The Danube goes across 10 country’s and only in Romania there is a total of 40% of its navigable space.

The Harbor-City Sulina is situated on the Sulina Channel, a spilling point of the Danube into the Black Sea, being the farthest city in the east in Romania. The East side of the town is situated in the functional-touristic area of Romanian beaches, although the main opening of the city is towards the Danube and not the Black Sea. The beach area is unaffected by docking bays or other harbor buildings. The only way to travel to Sulina is by water. This is doable in 2 ways: either with a fast ship or with a classic ships (which is a real pleasure for any nature lover).

With a population of over 5000 people, Sulina is definitely one very quiet city in the Danube Delta. Being the preferred destination for those that love the Danube Delta, it is an excellent starting point for trips around the Danube Delta destinations such as SF. Gheorge, Chilia, birds reservations, Lacu Rosu, Lacu Raducu, all these being easy accessible to tourists. The areas surrounding Sulina consists of hidden channels, islands, lakes, places where hundreds of animal species and plant species live.


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