About the city of Sulina

City and port in Tulcea county

Sulina is both a city and a harbor situated in the Tulcea district, Dobrogea area in the eastern side of Romania, the point where the Danube goes into the Black Sea. Sulina is a small city with a population of around 4600 people. As it is not connected to any roads the only way to get into Sulina is by water either on the Danube or on the Black Sea.

Sulina is the city that’s situated at the lowest medium altitude in Romania, only 4 meters above sea level. Sulina is extended across the Danube shore with most of its habitat on the right shore. There is also some unwritten history of Sulina, as that it has existed from around VII-VI century B.C. along with the first colonies on the Pontus Euxin (The Black Sea). Around 2700 years old, which would make Sulina one of the oldest places in Romania.

Why choose Sulina as a holiday destination ? Who hasn’t been in Sulina, must get here. Because this is the only place where the Danube water meets the Black Sea, the sand is as soft as dust and where the most beautiful sunsets are. Sulina is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in Romania.

It is at the same time one of the less prefered destination for romanian tourists but prefered by tourists from other countrys which enjoy the nature, the wilderness, the lack of car noises, the simple life and a perfect place for relaxing holidays. Sulina offers huge beaches, crystal clear water, hidden water channels, quality food for low prices and quiet.


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